An example remote interface. Copy this file as a starting point for a new service.

Remote interfaces can be easily created by subclassing the RemoteExtensible class.

All methods in the subclass will be callable through an RPC interface which the experiment script, running in the cloud, can access through the client object.

In addition to creating a subclassed RemoteExtensible, this class (object) must be instantiated within the projectServerRPC class, e.g. exposed_ExampleInterface. The instantiated object is what will be invoked when RPC calls are made to the exampleInterface.

For the remote case, there must be a remote end-point to handle the request. This can be within a service (such as scannerDataService) that instantiates the classes (such as dataInterface, bidsInterface, exampleInterface etc.) that will handle the remote forwarded requests. Add the object to a data service, or create a new one, that will run at the control room computer and is initialized with dataRemote=False.

The control room instance will be the actual instance and the projectServerRPC instance is a stub instance (dataRemote=True) that forwards request to the control room instance.

Module Contents



Provides functions for experimenter scripts

class rtCommon.exampleInterface.ExampleInterface(dataRemote=False)

Bases: rtCommon.remoteable.RemoteableExtensible

Provides functions for experimenter scripts

testMethod(*args, **kwargs)