Providing Feedback to Subjects

Ideally we would like to provide feedback to the subject in the MRI scanner via a web interface. This would allow the researcher to open a web browser and move the browser onto a monitor visible by the subject in the scanner. One convenient toolbox for doing this is jsPsych. We have integrated jsPsych into our project and provide a demo using the DecNef style colored circle feedback.

Using jsPsych

The source code components of jsPsych live in the web/ directory. File web/jsPsychFeedback.html is the main file that will be edited to adjust the type of feedback displayed. The creating a new draw method different types of feedback can be created.

Running the Demo

  1. The projectServer must be started with –remoteSubject options enabled to allow the feedback webpage to connect and receive results from the projectServer.

    • conda activate rtcloud

    • bash ./scripts/ –test -p sample –subjectRemote

  2. Connect a web browser to the main page

    • http://localhost:8888/

    • Enter ‘test’ for both the usnername and password since we are running it in unsecure test mode.

  3. Connect a web browser to the jsPsych feedback page

    • http://localhost:8888/jspsych

  4. Click the ‘Run’ button on the main page and view the subject feedback shown on the jsPsych page