Excpetion definitions for rtfMRI

Module Contents

exception rtCommon.errors.RTError

Bases: Exception

Top level general error

exception rtCommon.errors.ValidationError

Bases: RTError

Invalid information supplied in a call

exception rtCommon.errors.StateError

Bases: RTError

System is not in a valid state relative to the request

exception rtCommon.errors.RequestError

Bases: RTError

Error in the request

exception rtCommon.errors.MessageError

Bases: RTError

Invalid message

exception rtCommon.errors.InvocationError

Bases: RTError

program arguments incorrect

exception rtCommon.errors.VersionError

Bases: RTError

Client/Server code versions don’t agree

exception rtCommon.errors.MissedDeadlineError

Bases: RTError

Server missed a deadline

exception rtCommon.errors.MissedMultipleDeadlines

Bases: RTError

Server missed two or more deadlines

exception rtCommon.errors.NotImplementedError

Bases: RTError

Functionality is not implemented yet

exception rtCommon.errors.MissingMetadataError

Bases: RTError

Required BIDS metadata missing

exception rtCommon.errors.MetadataMismatchError

Bases: RTError

Mismatch in metadata (e.g., BIDS or NIfTI)

exception rtCommon.errors.DimensionError

Bases: RTError

Invalid image dimensions for requested operation

exception rtCommon.errors.QueryError

Bases: RTError

A query failed or returned unexpected results